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Medical Transcription Short Cuts (also known in the industry as expanders) offers you over 750 transcription short cuts for the medical transcriptionist. They are the accumulation of over 20 years experience.  Medical Transcription Short Cuts will increase speed and productivity.  The key here is to type as little as possible (and still have an accurate and complete report) all done in as little time as possible.

Medical Transcription Short Cuts are available for Microsoft Word. You can add a macro in your existing program to utilize these Short Cuts.

This is especially useful to a new transcriptionist, but dearly loved by the seasoned transcriptionists.

There are other typing programs out there that list words for you, but are not able to keep up with a speed typist.  If you type fast, then Medical Transcription Short Cuts is for you.

What you will receive is an eight-page booklet containing separate pages of transcription short cuts with instructions how to set them up. For example: Typing three keys to make two complete sentences, or two keys for a word or phrase. As stated previously, there are over 750 shortcut ideas, both common and medical terms that are used in transcription. They are placed in poly sleeves, front and back so they can be removed from the sleeve for your own notes and/or changes.

You may already know how to apply this method. If that is so, you will gain even more Short Cuts than you are already using. Plus you can add your own Short Cuts to customize your method for your own practice including the dictators own repetitive phrases, words, and paragraphs.


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